Best New Zealand No Deposit Bonuses

Everyone in the online gambling industry including casino operators and players is looking to make big profits with minimum costs. As a result, online casinos NZ launch across the market diverse offers of bonuses and promotions. Online players on the other hand are also looking for the juiciest offers that will bankroll their gambling venture. So far, no other offer has beaten the one which invites a player to play games for free on a betting site.

No deposit casino bonus defeats the conventional give and take of the industry as common with deposit bonuses, by giving players a free opportunity to bet on their favourite online casino games without a single dime expended from their pockets.

Welcome to our No Deposit Casino Bonuses in New Zealand review, where we will be digging up the nitty-gritty of this special bonus offer. Our readers are in for a full package of dishing out verifiable information on how to claim no deposit casino bonuses in NZ, detailed explanations on the different types of no deposit casino bonuses offered in the NZ casino online market, as well as tips on what to consider when choosing the best no deposit casino bonuses in NZ.

No Deposit Bonuses

What is no Deposit Casino Bonus?

By literal interpretation, no deposit casino bonus translates to bonus from a casino that has no deposit attached. Online casinos are in the business of making money from the aggregate deposits of their customers, who in turn use their deposits to bet on games on the betting sites. As a result, though casinos may offer bonus packages to encourage players to bet on their site, it is a practical policy that they demand some commitment from the players, usually monetary in the form of minimum deposits. No deposit casino bonus therefore depicts a situation whereby the casino encourages players to bet on their site with a special kind of bonus that does not require any deposit from them other than registration.

Thus, no deposit casino bonus is a casino offer that allows players to bet risk-free, that is, without spending their own money. Put differently, it is an offer by a casino to sponsor a player’s gambling venture on all or some of the games available on the betting site, with no monetary contribution from the player. The bonus has constantly proved very effective as an incentive to encourage players to patronize a casino. Under the terms of a no deposit casino bonus offer, players can use the free money to win real money but subject to specified conditions.

How To Claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Of what use is a free offer if you cannot claim it to your own benefit. Casinos want you to play on their site and that is why they try to make a convincing no deposit casino bonus offer.

As such, it is common to every promotion that the procedures by which players can claim the bonus is expressly stated in the terms of the offer. Like every other casino bonus, the offer is only available to members of the casino. Therefore, you can only claim a no deposit casino bonus if you have registered with the casino. With the possibility of minor variations in mind, the following are the general steps by which you can register an account with online casinos NZ;

  • Search on your web browser for the casino website and click the official site link.

Examples of web browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla

Firefox, etc.

  • On the homepage of the casino website, look for a “Sign Up”, “Join” or “Create Account” button, and click it. Such buttons are usually located at the top bar of the site page, either top right or top left corner.
  • The registration form appears, requesting you to enter your information
  • Registration details generally include first name, last name, email address, username, password, phone number, country, currency, date of birth, etc.
  • You may be required to tick some boxes whereby you attest that you are above

18 years of age and that you agree to the Casino Privacy Policy and Terms.

  • Complete your registration and follow through on any verification process, if any. Simple verification procedures involve a verification link sent via email. However, some other account verification procedures may require upload or submission of some official documents such as ID, Utility bill, etc. to prove your identity and address.

Once you have become an official member of the casino, there are two ways you may claim their no deposit casino bonus; either with a bonus code or with no bonus code.

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Bonus Code

A bonus code is a series of alphabets, numbers or a combination of both, that is created by the casino as the only way players can claim their no deposit casino bonus. In technical terms, a no deposit casino bonus code is a virtual key or token that is to be used by any customer who is interested in the bonus offer to unlock and redeem the bonus. Many times, the code is written boldly under the no deposit bonus offer. E.g., NZ2021. In some other situations, the code is not accessible to every player. The casino may have prepared the no deposit bonus offer for special players, e.g., returning players or VIP players; and as such, the code shall be personally communicated to them via email or SMS. Either way the code is made available to customers of the casino, the process of claiming the bonus is as follows:

  • Login to your casino account
  • Go to menu and click the promotions section
  • Find the no deposit casino bonus and select.
  • A dialog box usually appears wherein you shall enter the bonus code and send.
  • Once the designated code is entered, the bonus funds are instantly credited to your casino gaming account.

No Bonus Code

In many other situations, all that will be required to claim a no deposit casino bonus is to simply sign up with the casino. There is no bonus code generated or attached to the bonus. On one hand, the bonus funds may be automatically credited to your casino gaming account when you complete sign up. On another hand, you may need to go to the promotions section and tap the bonus for confirmation that you want to claim the bonus. Then, the bonus is instantly credited to your account. The latter process is common mostly because bonus offers are usually optional; players get to decide if they want it or not.

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Types of no Deposit Bonus

There are different types of no deposit casino bonus but whichever one you are claiming at the particular time depends on the casino. The following are the general types of no deposit casino bonus you can play in the New Zealand casino market.

Free Spins

This is a non-monetary casino bonus giving you free chances to play selected casino games risk-free. As the name goes, free spins; you get a number of free pokies to play spin a game machine. The popular casino games that involve spinning the machine are online pokies and online roulette. The bonus usually reads, for example, 20 free spins. The bonus may be generally to play any pokie or roulette game you wish, or to play a particular selection. For example, 50 free spins on Aloha.

There are wagering requirements attached to a free spins no deposit bonus. For example, 35x for pokies which means that winnings from the free spins must be turned over 35 times before you can withdraw the funds. Free spins are mostly awarded to play RNG games and in rare occasions live pokies and live dealer roulette. Free spins no deposit bonus may be a one-time offer or awarded at regular intervals. Free spins bonus is usually used to attract new players to sign up in a way to convince them to start betting with real money on the casino.

Free Chips

This particular type of no deposit casino bonus is commonly awarded to play live dealer games. In land-based casinos, real cash is converted to small circular plastic materials called chips. Like the penny, chips have different denominations and hard currency is exchanged accordingly. In online casino games, the same exchange occurs except that the chips are virtual. In a free chips no deposit bonus, players need not deposit any money to be exchanged as chips.

The casino gives the players free chips to play table games. Popular games that free chips are used to play are live roulette, blackjack, baccarat live, poker and even live Dream Catcher. Free chips also attract wagering requirements that determine how you can convert your virtual chips to real money. For example, you may need to wager 50 free chips on Caribbean Stud Poker before you can withdraw whatever is left in the bonus account as real cash.

More types of No Deposit Bonus

Free Cash

It is rare but online casinos NZ give customers, especially loyal players, free cash to play any of their games. In most cases, the casino specifies the titles or particular game the free cash should be used to play. Compared to other bonuses, free cash no deposit bonus can be very small and that is understandable given that the casino is giving free money to thousands of players from their own account. This may vary from casino to casino but the average value of free cash no deposit bonus ranges from 5NZD to 50NZD.

Free cash may be used to play RNG games or live dealers. Examples include pokies, baccarat, keno, craps, roulette, blackjack, lottery, etc. The value of free cash may be fixed or varied from time to time depending on the bonus policy of the casino. There are usually wagering requirements that dictate how many times the free money must be bet before it can be withdrawn as real cash. For example, 50x.

Cashback bonus

This particular no deposit casino bonus is a loyalty reward for players who bet constantly on the site. It is free money calculated by the casino from the previous bets of players and refunded to them at later dates expressly stated in the promotional offer. The bonus is described as a percentage or proportion of the bets you have made on different games on the site within a particular period of time to be specified by the casino.

This bonus has always been useful in increasing traffic of bets on the site especially during the period specified by the casino. Players target such periods in the hope of getting higher refunds of their past bets. A cashback no deposit casino bonus may be one-time, daily, weekly or monthly. The date of payment is usually fixed to a particular day of the week from Sundays to Saturdays. Thus, typical examples of cashback no deposit bonuses are as follows:

  • 10% weekly cashback bonus on Mondays on previous Monday bets
  • 11% monthly cashback bonus on the last Friday of the month on past bets of the entire month.
  • 5% Tuesday to Thursday daily cashback bonus on bets of previous Tuesday to Thursday
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Mobile No Deposit Casino Bonus

Online gaming has been made possible on mobile devices with the invention of mobile compatibility software that allows an online casino to run smoothly on mobile devices. Popular examples of the software are HTML5 and Java. The best online casinos NZ have expanded their services into mobile casinos which are available and accessible to all users of Android, Windows and IOS phones. Playing mobile casinos has its own peculiarities in terms of sign up, gameplay and layout. You can play mobile casinos in the following simple and straightforward manner:

  • Download and install the casino app from the mobile application store on your device. For some casinos, you can download the mobile casino from the casino website.
  • Load the app to sign up, if you do not have an account already on the casino site. If you do, all you need to do is enter your login details on the app and resume operating your account.
  • As a new player, fill in your details on the mobile app registration form including your full name, email address, phone number, D.O.B., etc.
  • Complete all other registration procedures, and then you can get started playing mobile casino.

Online casinos offer virtually the same services on the desktop site in their mobile casinos. You will also enjoy a great selection of games, security, payment methods and most importantly, casino bonuses on mobile casinos. Thus, you can claim mobile no deposit casino bonus on the go with your mobile phone and tablet. The bonus may be a general offer for all customers, whether the site or the app. In another situation, the bonus may be available only to mobile users.

Procedures for claiming mobile no deposit casino bonus are stated in the bonus policy including terms, conditions and wagering requirements. You may claim mobile no deposit casino bonus automatically upon sign up or by using a mobile no deposit bonus code. There are different types of mobile no deposit casino bonus as well such as free cash, free play, free spins, free credits, free chips, etc.

Game Specific No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos have the liberty to include different terms in their no deposit bonus offers, and it is common amongst the best online casinos NZ to create special no deposit bonuses that are game specific. These are no deposit bonuses that can only be used to play selected games of the casino. The casino usually specifies the game in the headline offer or in the bonus policy. The bonus may take different forms including free cash, free spins, cashback, free chips, etc.

The underlying nature of the bonus is that the bonus can only be used on the game specified by the casino. Thus, for example, 50 free spins on Aloha; 20 free chips on Caribbean Stud Poker, 10 NZD to play live baccarat, etc. Usually, the best online casinos NZ offer game specific no deposit casino bonuses for the new games that have just been introduced into the site. The purpose is to encourage customers to try out the game. There are wagering requirements attached as well.

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Choosing the Best No Deposit Casino Bonuses in New Zealand

Playing with bonuses can be a tricky thing, especially when it is coming at a very cheap rate.

At the point of registration, you are required to accept the terms and conditions of the casino. Many, in the rush to complete registration, do not bother reading the provisions of the terms and conditions before ticking the box. While that may have gone well for you at every time you have signed up with a new casino, you should note that there are certain fine prints that you cannot afford to overlook, one of which is that of a no deposit casino bonus. Thus, regardless of the type of no deposit casino bonus, the following are factors you must put into consideration when making a choice:

  • Security and License

Regardless of how juicy the offer is; the casino must offer security and confidence to its customers. You should be certain that no matter the amount of money you have deposited in the gaming account; the funds are safe from unauthorized access. The best online casinos in NZ make use of SSL encryption technology to keep customer transactions and details in a secure virtual environment. Also, the casino should be licensed to offer the no deposit casino bonus amongst other casino offers. There are reputable gambling authorities that give credence to the trustworthiness, fairness and capabilities of the casino. Popular gaming licensors around the world include the UK Gambling Commission, New Zealand Gambling Commission, Curaçao eGaming, Malta Gambling Authority, etc.

  • Wagering requirements

This is the extra condition attached to a no deposit bonus that determines when you can be able to withdraw the bonus into cash. It specifically states how many times you must bet the bonus funds before you are allowed to cash it out. Thus, for example, a free cash no deposit bonus of 50 NZD with 50x wagering requirement. This means that you must bet 50 NZD times 50 = 2500NZD before you are allowed to cash out any portion of the bonus. Wagering requirements vary from casino to casino and are fixed by the casino after considering a number of factors including RTP, house edge, etc. Also, casinos vary their wagering requirements according to the different games on their website. E.g. 35x for pokies and 50x for baccarat.

  • Terms and Conditions

Every casino has different provisions that guide how you are to use the bonus funds. These terms include the following:

  1. Betting limits: The minimum amount you can place as a bet from the funds, and the maximum amount you are not allowed to go beyond in placing your bets. For example, in a 50 NZD free cash, at least 1NZD per spin.
  2. Withdrawal limits: The minimum amount you are allowed to withdraw when you have successfully fulfilled the wagering requirements. The maximum amount you cannot exceed in your withdrawal. In addition, the particular withdrawal method that you can only use to withdraw the funds. E.g., Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, etc.
  3. Time limit: The duration within which the bonus must be utilized in accordance with the wagering requirements. Failure to observe this term usually leads to forfeiture of the bonus. Time limit for no deposit casino bonus ranges from 24hours to a month or more.
  1. Players: The category of customers who are entitled to the bonus. For example, a 10% cashback bonus may only be claimed by customers who have placed bets around the stipulated players. Also, free spins are usually given to new players, and thus, only accessible by them.

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What Are the Benefits of a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit casino bonus adds a number of benefits to your gambling venture but there may also be some downsides to the offer. The benefits of no deposit casino bonus are highlighted as follows:

  • The bonus eliminates or reduces betting risks to the barest minimum.
  • Allows you to play your favourite games for free.
  • The bonus expands your betting capacity
  • The bonus expands your chances of winning.
  • The bonus allows you to test different games to have a favourite.
  • The bonus affords you window shopping at different casinos.

There are however a few downsides to playing No Deposit Casino Bonus:

  • The bonus terms and conditions may be stifling
  • Wagering requirements can be very high since the money is free.
  • There are fraudulent casinos using free money to lure unsuspecting victims.


No deposit casino bonus is a free money offer made by casinos to online players that gives the players opportunity to bet on games for free. The offer is made in different forms. These include free spins, cashback, free cash, free chips, etc. The casino offers to bankroll a player’s gambling venture on the site subject to some terms and conditions. The paramount prerequisite to claim the bonus is to be a member of the casino.

The best online casinos NZ make their sign-up process easy which involves simply submitting your personal details and following through on all other instructions. After that, you can use the bonus code to unlock the bonus, or where not necessary, click to confirm that you are interested in the no deposit casino bonus. It is advisable to be on the lookout for certain factors when playing no deposit casino bonus, instead of being swayed by the superficial value of the offer.

Some of these factors include wagering requirements, betting limits, withdrawal limits, time limits, players specifics, withdrawal methods, security and license of the casino. The benefits of playing no deposit casino bonus outweighs the bad sides. Overall, no deposit casino bonus helps you to bet for free, test different games, and different casinos with the minimal risks of betting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is no deposit bonus?

It is a free money offer that allows players to bet for free on casino games. The casino offers to sponsor the players’ gambling venture on the site but subject to some terms and conditions. No deposit bonus is given without a necessary requirement for a deposit.

What are the types of no deposit bonus?

There are different types of no deposit bonus. Whichever is offered at a particular time depends on the casino. Popular types of no deposit bonus are free spins, free cash, cash back, free chips, etc.

What are wagering requirements for no deposit bonus?

Wagering requirements describe the number of times you must bet with the no deposit bonus before you can withdraw it. This varies from casino to casino and game to game. For example, 35x for pokie games.

How can I claim a no deposit casino bonus?

You need to sign up with the casino first. Submit your details to the casino website and complete the registration process. Check the bonus terms to see if a bonus code is attached or not. The bonus may be automatically credited to your account upon sign up or instantly upon entering the bonus code.

What is the best no deposit casino bonus?

There are different opinions on which of the different no deposit casino bonuses are the best. However, regardless of which is best to you, there must be things a good no deposit bonus must possess. Examples include fair wagering requirements, encouraging bonus terms and conditions, etc.

How can I get no deposit casino bonus codes?

This largely depends on the online casino. Bonus codes may be publicized along with the promotional offer. You will easily find it in the promotions section on the website. In another situation, the code may be sent personally via email or SMS to the target players. Then you can use the code to redeem the bonus.