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The cryptocurrency revolution has sure had a significant effect on online casino gambling all over the world. Now, bettors can play and win with cryptocurrency because of the emergence of crypto casinos. The new wave of crypto betting comes with heightened gaming excitements; indeed, it’s a big goody bag. It features fabulous perks which include secured payments, swift transactions which can be made at the speed of light, anonymous betting, and a massive opportunity to win big.

While it’s highly beneficial to game at a crypto casino, it may be a difficult and confusing endeavor. For this reason, this page covers everything you need to know about crypto casinos and how you can get the best from them. Its content is a masterpiece designed to get you started on your crypto gambling adventure. Relax and enjoy!

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SkyCrown Casino
SkyCrown Casino
Up to $3,000 and 325 free spins
8 / 10
  • ⭐️6,000+ games
  • 🎡 $3,000 + 325 free spins welcome pack
  • 🎁 10-level VIP program
  • 💳 Responsible gambling measures
Betamo Casino
Betamo Casino
Up to 2550 Bonus
10 / 10
  • ⭐️ Over 1,500 games to play
  • 🎡 Free and real money gameplay supported
  • 🎁 Mobile accessible in instant-play mode
  • 💳 $1,000 welcome bonus and reload offers
Playzee Casino
Playzee Casino
$1500 Welcome Bonus + 150 Zee Spins + 500 Zee Points
9 / 10
  • ⭐️ $1500 Welcome Bonus + 150 Zee Spins + 500 Zee Points
  • 🎡 +120 game providers
  • ⭐️ 24/7 Costumer Support
  • 💳 Great sortment of payment methods
All Slots Casino
All Slots Casino
Up to $1,500 Bonus
5 / 10
  • ⭐️24/7 client care
  • 🎡 $1,500 welcome bonus
  • 🎁 MGA license
  • 💳 Responsible gambling measures
National Casino
National Casino
100% up to $100
8 / 10
  • ⭐️ 15-level VIP program
  • 🎡 4,000+ games
  • 🎁 Up to $1,500 welcome package
  • 💳 Deposit with NZD

The Emergence of Top Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos are products of innovative thinking in the cryptocurrency era whose rise is traceable to early 2000. Crypto casinos rose to prominence as a result of the quest of casino industries to amplify casino gaming experience through tech-oriented and creative ways. It’s only logical for online casino industries to tap into the many benefits offered by cryptocurrency because; one, unlike the fiat currency, it is unregulated and decentralized. By implication, it’s not under the control of any government or financial institution. Two, cryptocurrency is built on blockchain, a highly secured and sophisticated technology; thus, it’s recommendable for enhancing payment security. Three, cryptocurrency is one of the latest trends in the digital world; as such, by integrating crypto into their respective sites, online casinos identify with what’s in vogue.

Now, it’s pertinent to point out that the idea of a crypto casino is not an oddity. It works just like the typical online casino. The only difference is that you can only wager with cryptocurrency in an online crypto casino instead of the normal currency. The point here is, instead of wagering with New Zealand dollars, you would stake with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and any other recognized cryptocurrency acceptable at the crypto casino site.

How To Deposit at a Top Crypto Casino

Making a deposit or withdrawing from a crypto casino is not dissimilar to how you make such transactions at an online casino. However, for those who may still find it somewhat difficult, no worries at all; the processes have been simplified below.

1.     Depositing at a crypto casino

The following provides concise information about how you can fund your crypto betting account:

  • Download a crypto wallet

The first port of call is to learn about cryptocurrencies and how you can hold them and transact with them. The next move would be to download a crypto wallet. Cryptocurrencies cannot be stored in your bank account; instead, you need a special crypto e-wallet to store them. There are several trusted and reliable crypto e-wallets online which you can choose from. However, don’t be in a hurry to make a selection, do your research and be convinced about your choice.

  • Acquire cryptocurrencies

A standard crypto-wallet should be able to hold several cryptocurrencies at the same time. However, before you fund your crypto wallet, you need to be sure about the acceptable cryptocurrencies acceptable on the crypto casino you have selected. Most crypto casinos accept bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Nevertheless, don’t just assume; get what would be useful for you.

  • Log into your crypto casino account (we assume you’ve signed up already). If you don’t have a crypto casino account, don’t fret; get a good one and sign up on it. On your account, head to the payment section, then select any cryptocurrency of your choice among the enlisted ones on the casino. Next, select your crypto wallet, input the amount you would like to deposit, and click on finish. The cryptocurrency should appear immediately on your casino account.

However, note that you have to sync your crypto wallet to your crypto betting account for this to work without any issues.

Withdrawing from a crypto casino

This process is also straightforward. To withdraw, follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the payment section of your crypto casino on your account
  • Choose cryptocurrency as your withdrawal method
  • Then, input the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Verify the transaction and click on withdraw, complete or finish – whatever is available on the site.
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Gambling Online with Crypto Casinos

To many gamblers, crypto gambling is like an answered prayer as it appears and has proven to be the solution they had long expected. For instance, most players are often skeptical about the security of online casinos no matter how secure they claim to be. This is because such players don’t want their personal information and financial data to get into the wrong hands. However, with crypto casinos, the reverse is the case. There is zero worry about whether vital and sensitive personal and financial data can get compromised. They are convinced that their information is safe and secured.

What’s more? Crypto gambling shields the identity of bettors and allows them to make deposits anonymously. By so doing, all types of players find it easy to venture online and play because they are sure their identity is well protected. Also, it’s swift and sweet gaming all the way, as bettors can deposit funds and make withdrawals under a split second. In all, crypto gambling becomes more preferable to the usual online casinos because of its heightened security which thus provides players with a comfortable environment to wager on their favorite games.

How To Choose the Best Crypto Casinos?

The goal of a smart crypto casino bettor should be to get massive rewards from staking online. One strategy to accomplish this goal is to choose the best crypto casino – nothing but the best!

With many brands available on the internet, it then becomes a difficult task to identify the right crypto casino. This is where we come in! we have earmarked some criteria that you have to consider when fishing for the best casino online. These criteria are products of serious research and first-hand application. We have tried them out and they have proven useful; thus, we are convinced that if you consider them too, you’d get the best result. Now, without much talk, here are the criteria you have to consider to leave no stone unturned when selecting the best crypto casino:

●       Security

One of the most fundamental things to always watch out for is the site encryption of a crypto casino. Ensure that the casino site is perfectly encrypted. This goes a long way in guaranteeing the security of the site.

●       Provably fair features

A rigged crypto casino can give you bad returns. No matter how hard you try, you may never win a single bet. To avoid this, you have to ensure that you have chosen a provably fair crypto casino. At such casinos, all gaming outcomes are fair because they are regulated by the RNG software. Thus, when making a selection, this criterion must be checked out. You can afford to `play at a rigged crypto casino; you would run at a loss if you do so.

●       Outstanding gamification

You don’t want to get bored when gaming at a crypto casino; rather, you want to get pleasurable fun and excitement from the casino. It’s easy to find a crypto casino with a fabulous gaming collection. You can do this by perusing the site to take a look at its collection or better still, read online reviews about the casino. Mind you, most reviews online are subject to biases; for this reason, only check out trusted reviews online.

●       Appropriate licensing and regulation

A crypto casino site without a license to operate is nothing but a scam and a sham. A legit casino site must be licensed by the appropriate authorities to render its gaming services. Also, it must be responsible to a governing body that can sanction it when it goes haywire. This way, its excesses are checked and you can be sure it’s a legit casino.

●       Instant funding and removal of winnings

What makes a crypto casino a crypto casino is its quick deposits and withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies move unhindered. Once the transaction is confirmed, it gets delivered to the other end without any glitch. Any crypto casino without this spectacular feature is nothing but a shadow of what it should represent.

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New Crypto Casinos - Why is it worth checking?

If this question is what has been hovering on your mind; you may ease the tension now. We intend to put you at ease with our answer.

Yes, the new crypto casinos are worth trying out by every player. It doesn’t matter if you know about crypto or not. We are convinced it’s an endeavor that will pay off in the short and long run. Even if you are ignorant about crypto casinos, cryptocurrencies, and all, it’s all worth learning about. After all, the only way to attain self-development is by learning new things. Don’t feel complacent about wagering at the usual online casinos you are used to. Rather, attempt to move out of your comfort zone. With our contents, we intend to make your transition a seamless one and help you all the way.

To get started, you don’t have to rush, what matters is playing at the right casino. Again, falling into the wrong hands will only lead to devastating consequences. So, take your time, use our criteria to sieve out the wheat from the tare when making your selection. We are sure, you’d be glad you made the move to embrace crypto casinos.

Crypto Casinos Games: Home of Varieties

One of the exciting things about crypto casino gaming is the unique varieties of games available for play at the sites. Crypto casinos have the understanding that players will only stay if the games are good. As such, they do not spare any effort in ensuring that what they dole out is nothing but perfect. Just like you would find different types of casino games at an online casino, so also, will you find different kinds of games at a crypto casino.

You can play all your favorite games with cryptocurrencies. Some of the notable games you can play include, bitcoin roulette, crypto blackjack, Sic bo crypto, BTC baccarat, crypto poker games, crypto pokies, and a lot more. There’s no limit to the gaming excitement you can get as there are over 3000 crypto casino games available for your gaming satisfaction. What’s interesting is that all these games bear the imprint of ace software developer companies like Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, Bucharest, and a host of others.

Whether you would be staking with BTC, Ethereum, or any other altcoin, be rest assured that the graphical contents and sound of the games are excellent; their interfaces are user-friendly and they all are structured around fabulous plots and exhilarating themes.

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Crypto Casinos Live Dealer Games

Who says you can’t have a full taste of real-life gaming when plugged in to a crypto casino? The experience that comes with in-play games is certainly spine-tingling as there are dozens of live game options to choose from. Also, these games are perfectly coordinated by the live dealer and with a bit of luck on your side, you may garner colossal winnings.

Playing the crypto live casino games promises to be a transparent venture as you have unrestricted access to monitor the games from start to finish. Maybe you don’t even know, the chances that a live game can be rigged is slim, as such, it’s near-impossible. This is because you are part and parcel of the game and can vet every process merely by making observations. For this reason, it’s highly recommendable to play live casino games at a crypto casino. It strengthens your confidence about the gaming outcome and gives you a fair chance to play and win. Crypto live games also, may feature jumbo jackpots and irresistible promotional offers intended to give you a sensational experience.

Are All Games Available for Play Only in Bitcoin and Crypto at a Crypto Casino?

‘No’ would be an outright answer to this question. This is because crypto casinos are smart. Although they want players to gamble with cryptocurrencies, they intend to play it safe. Otherwise, they may not get players to sign up on their site if only what they offer is crypto gaming. So, one trick they resort to is to enlist games that can be played with fiat currencies. This way, they can easily attract players who are not yet conversant with cryptocurrencies and try to woo them into crypto betting in the short run by making massive crypto bonuses available on the site.

Some crypto casinos go to the extent of allowing players to be able to withdraw fiat currencies and some even help in converting crypto to real cash. All these are gimmicks to attract all sorts of players to the site.

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Why Are Bitcoin Casinos Popular?

The reason why bitcoin casinos are popular is not far-fetched at all. We will answer this question without any exaggerations as bitcoin seem overrated in the crypto space. Bitcoin is the foremost cryptocurrency as far as cryptocurrency is concerned. Today, it stands as the most powerful crypto having the highest value and a tangible market valuation.

Most persons dealing in cryptocurrency trade, hold and transact with bitcoin. It’s also likely that bitcoin is what most players would choose because the name ‘bitcoin’ has become a household name all over the world. Bitcoin is everywhere and by far the most popular crypto, no wonder, bitcoin casinos are all over the place more than any other alternative cryptocurrency. In summary, Bitcoin casinos are the most popular because:

  • Bitcoin is the most popular and biggest cryptocurrency in the world
  • Most crypto casino players make crypto transactions in bitcoin than any other crypto casino
  • Bitcoin has a stable outlook and its volatility is somewhat high
  • Bitcoin has the highest value. It’s presently valued at $46 000

Specificity of Crypto Deposits

As said earlier, an exceptional feature of crypto gambling is its swift deposits and withdrawals which are mostly unregulated. Let’s reiterate some of the features of crypto deposit for you to be double sure you have a lot to gain from gaming with cryptocurrencies:

●       Instant deposit

Once you initiate the deposit process by doing the needful, your betting account gets credited instantly. The process of making a crypto deposit has been explained above. Feel free to head back to this section in case you need to jog your memory. However, the process is somewhat straightforward.

●       Payment without interference

Transacting in cryptocurrency takes more of a peer-to-peer form.  It’s not regulated at all; thus, making the payment free from any form of third-party interference which you may experience when depositing into a typical online casino.

●       Anonymous payment

Crypto deposit deals with highly secured encrypted data which cannot be compromised by hackers. It does not reveal any sensitive details about you. Only your wallet address may be visible most times, and this is nothing but a string of complex numbers and alphabets useful for only receiving crypto.

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Online Crypto Casinos - Best Cryptocurrencies

There are numerous cryptos available in the crypto market. In fact, new altcoins are emerging every day. Nevertheless, not all these cryptos are ideal for use at a crypto casino site. Hence, we’ve earmarked some of the best cryptocurrencies with fantastic usability. All of the highlighted cryptos have garnered reasonable reputation; thus, making them the best to wager with:

●       Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most profound cryptocurrency and it is widely accepted by most online casinos. It’s decentralized and powered by blockchain technology. It allows for quick payment transactions and has proven to be mostly secured. The value of the currency is quite on the high side and its stability is reasonable when compared to other cryptocurrencies. This makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies that players can hold over time.

Hardly will you find a crypto casino that does not have bitcoin among its payment alternatives. Bitcoin can be used to wager on all sorts of games provided it is acceptable by the casino.

●       Ethereum

This is the next in line after bitcoin. It also has good stability, and it also operates on blockchain technology. Ethereum is not high in value like Bitcoin but it’s still a very good alternative. Transacting with this crypto shields you from every form of identity theft as it keeps your details encrypted. We are convinced that Ethereum will continue to prove useful to players in terms of value and stability.

●       Monero

Monero gives you unhindered access to swift crypto gaming through its quick deposits. It’s also perfect for players who seek to bet anonymously. Although Monero has been around for a long time, it’s not popular like Bitcoin. Nevertheless, it’s still a fantastic choice for gaming at a crypto casino.

●       Ripple

Ripple has also attained some feats in the crypto industry world. It’s perfect for hiding identities and making secured payments and quick withdrawals. Ripple can be considered as one of the most outstanding cryptocurrencies that are invaluable for making promising bets.

●       Litecoin

Litecoin is named among the most popular cryptocurrencies available for instant casino gaming. It is acceptable by virtually all casinos where bitcoin is accepted. Its perks include high-end security encryption to safely cater to your personal and other sensitive details. It’s also useful for making quick payments.

●       EOS

Although this cryptocurrency is new, it has proven its remarkable usefulness for crypto gambling in recent times. Not all casinos accept EOS; hence, you have to be sure that the casino you have chosen accepts it before going for it. EOS also allows for anonymous betting, instant deposits, and withdrawal. One spectacular feature of this crypto is that most online casinos that accept it do not retain it; rather, once you win, it gets credited directly into your EOS wallet.

●       Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is mostly available anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. This cryptocurrency exists as the advanced version or ‘beta’ version of Bitcoin. It’s similar to bitcoin in features and capabilities. it’s easy to use and its value is somewhat stable over a period.  Why you should opt for it is that it charges little or nothing for its transactional fees. It also guarantees swift payments and withdrawals.

●       Tether

While Tether cannot be excused for being a controversial cryptocurrency, it’s still one of the top cryptocurrencies useful for crypto casino betting. Its stability is commendable; no wonder it’s a top and popular choice among crypto gamers. What further makes Tether distinct is that its value equates to the value of the USD. Thus, wagering with it is like wagering with the dollar fiat. It is highly protected and also useful for shielded transactions. Note that, only a few crypto casinos accept Tether, its name and use are not common and popular like Bitcoin. However, it’s still a promising crypto that can be used to land massive winnings at a crypto casino.

●       Dogecoin

Dogecoin gained media prominence as a meme coin; Today, it’s one of the prominent cryptocurrencies acceptable at most crypto casinos online. Dogecoin is simple to use and its value, though quite low when compared with Bitcoin and Ethereum, its stability is still excellent. This coin can be used for staking on varieties of casino games provided it is accepted on the crypto casino site. Dogecoin is one of the easiest to set up and use for crypto gaming online.

Is It Safe to Play at a Crypto Casino?

This question can be answered from two contrasting perspectives – ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The explanation is provided thus;

Yes, it is safe to play at a top crypto casino provided it is a legit site. Several controversies surround the use of crypto casinos, especially regarding their safety. However, the fact remains that a crypto casino can be safe to play. However, you have to ensure that the casino is what it claims to be before signing up.

No, it is not safe to play at a crypto casino if the site is rigged and unlicensed. Also, if the site lacks provably fair software which can ascertain the integrity of its gaming outcome, it is not safe to play there. All these are red flags to watch out for when fishing for a good crypto casino.

You have to learn to look beyond the glittering part, especially the mouth-watering bonuses when making your selection. Pay attention to every detail about the casino. Whatever you find on the internet is not for outright consumption, rather, you can use the information as the basis of your research.

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What are Provably Fair - Crypto Casinos?

Our analysis of a perfect crypto casino is incomplete without mentioning provably fair crypto casinos. When you play a game online, do you observe that the outcome of that game only pops up on the screen? Let’s take, for instance, you want to play crypto slot; then, you log into your betting account, choose the slot game; wager on its payline, then, spin. The outcome you get is bound to be digitally simulated.

Now such outcomes can be rigged, thus, compromising the outcome of the game. This can never be to your advantage but the casinos. The only way to guarantee the integrity of any gaming outcome is if you play at a provably fair crypto casino.

For a casino to be provably fair, it must have RNG software with which it regulates all gaming outcomes and ensures that they are fair.

Tips To Know You Are Not Playing at a Provably Fair Crypto Casino?

Apart from reading reviews online about if a crypto casino is provably fair or not, there are practical steps you can adopt to check this out. Follow the simple steps below to learn how:

  • The game must have a standard structure. You must be able to take a spin or make a roll after placing your stake.
  • If the casino lacks RNG software, it’s a no-no. The chances that all its outcomes may be tampered with is on the high side.
  • After placing your seed, ensure that the hash function is verified and remains untouched. This way you can be sure that the outcome of the game is fair.
  • If the hash function is not verified, the process and outcome are rigged.
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What’s The Future of Top Crypto Casinos?

Cryptocurrency is thriving by the day. Though it suffers greatly from the market forces of demand and supply; also, its value is greatly influenced by major governmental policies, it’s has shown its resilience as more people have embraced technological innovation for making digital payments across the nations of the world.

This is a clear indication that crypto gambling will continue to thrive as long as cryptocurrencies continue to blossom. The future looks bright for crypto gamblers and enthusiasts alike.

NZ Crypto Casinos - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim a crypto casino bonus?

Yes, you can claim a crypto casino bonus. There are several ways to claim a crypto casino bonus which include the following; using a bonus code, making a deposit (this works for deposit bonuses and match deposit bonuses), activating the bonus by contacting the customer support team, and a lot more.

● What is cryptocurrency?

Digital currencies that are decentralized and unregulated are known as cryptocurrencies. They are built on blockchain technology, which is highly sophisticated and secure. They are useful for making swift peer-to-peer transactions. A cryptocurrency is created from mining processes. Examples include Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and a lot more.

Can I play my favorite games at any crypto casino site?

Yes, several varieties of casino games are available for play at a top crypto casino site. You can play any game that appeals to your gaming desires; from blackjacks to pokies, poker games to baccarat, the list is inexhaustive.

Are crypto casinos safe?

Although not all crypto casinos are safe. Only crypto casinos that are provably fair, properly licensed to operate, and regulated by a constituted authority can be trusted. Bonuses are not enough when choosing a crypto casino, what matters most is your safety, followed by other attractive perks that you can derive from gaming at the crypto casino.



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