American Roulette

Play Online Roulette free for fun – American Roulette

American Roulette created by Net Entertainment is a truly elegant choice for lovers of online roulette. Although, American Roulette online offers you more than just simple to play online roulette free for fun, as it also comprises attractive extra features and is more comprehensible for novices.
Generally, the game works with the classic roulette rules. Basically, you have to guess to which sector the ball will go and place one or more stakes. American Roulette is not the same as its European relative in terms of the presence of a supplementary segment with double-zero (“00”), and the spreading of figures on the wheel track is also slightly unalike.
According to official figures from the game manufacturer, the theoretical return of American Roulette amounts to 94.74%. With the Top Line stake, the return is 92.11%.

Benefit from classic casino games today

Let’s take a peep at acceptable stakes in American Roulette – definitely, there is a lot to discover when you cherry-pick better opportunities to play online roulette free for fun. Inside Bets can be chosen by the players if placed on the field with any figure on the table layout:

  • Straight – one number bets;
  • The Split – two number bets (cannot go on zero/2 together with double-zero/2);
  • Street – three number bets (including zero/1/2, along with zero/double-zero/2 and double-zero/2/3);
  • Top Line – the first five numbers bids: zero/double-zero/1/2/3;
  • Corner – bets that include four number;
  • Six Line – six number bets (zero and double-zero do not participate in this rate).

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With Outside (external) Bets, the gambler can access the fields that represent one or another group of numbers, united by some feature (color, etc.). All external bets get lost on a roll of zero or double-zero. To return a half of your, bid in this, case is not possible.

  • Dozen - a stake on twelve numbers separated in ascending order: 1-12 along with 13-22 and 25-36;
  • Column - a stake on twelve numbers that are on the columns of 1-34 together with 2-35 and 3-36;
  • Even / Odd - a stake on either even or odd digits.
  • Red / Black – a stake on either red or black digits.
  • 1-18 or 19-36 (small/large) - a stake on the figures from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

Win with style in American Roulette

The game is wonderfully performed. The interface, control panel, animated graphics, a lot of functions and settings - all this speaks in favor of American Roulette. It really looks impressive, simultaneously featuring comfortability and easiness in use. Those who are eager to play online roulette free for fun should not necessary download American roulette, as it can be launched in your browser’s flash player.

All-in-all, Net Entertainment has done an impressive job of renewing this most accurate representations of American Roulette. As an alternative to it, you might like to consider European Roulette, which boasts a lower house edge.