Launches Streaming Platform KICK co-owner Eddie Craven has announced that he has invested in live streaming platform Kick following Twitch’s decision to ban casino related streams on the platform. stepped into the spotlight earlier this week with the help of the popular streamer Trainwreck, also known as Tyler Niknam. 

Trainwreck publicly announced his decision to join Kick on the 5th of December 2022 leading to a major buzz in the world of online streaming. Since October it has been prohibited to broadcast gambling streams from illegal online casinos affecting the promotion of pokies, roulette or dice games on Twitch.

The popular streaming platform Twitch has seen its viewership drop by 20% since the ban that came into effect on October 18. The controversial crypto casino is one of the websites that is no longer allowed to share content on the streaming platform. The owner of has therefore opted to invest in a new streaming platform himself.

High-Profile Streamers Threatened to Boycott Twitch

After threats from major streamers to boycott the platform, Twitch announced that it was going to intervene and ban gambling streams at the end of September. As of October 18, it is therefore prohibited to share streams of gambling sites that offer online pokies, roulette, and dice games that are not licensed in the United States, although different rules may apply according to the state. In 2018 it was announced in the US that each state could follow its own gambling rules and laws, with more than 30 states legalising online gambling since the announcement. In most states this only applies to online sports betting. Some states in the country allow both sports betting and online casino games.

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Gambling Was One of the Biggest Categories

In 2021, when gambling content was still allowed on Twitch, pokies was the second most viewed category in the non-gaming section on the streaming platform. In the course of the year there were a reported whooping 287 million hours of viewing in the pokies category only. In August 2021, the streaming platform also intervened by banning gambling streams with affiliate links and bonus codes. Crypto casino is one of the casinos that was banned from Twitch in October, despite being a major client for the website.

In April of this year, this online casino was already the centre of attention when there was a fuss going on about Tyler “Trainwreck” Faraz Niknam, revealing that he was making millions of dollars a year from his deal with

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Last Monday, “Trainwreck” announced via Twitter that he will be making the switch to the new streaming platform KICK. As a result, Twitch will have to say goodbye to one of their biggest streamers widely known for having more than two million followers. In announcing his move to KICK, Trainwreck complains about Twitch’s policy and payment model.

I have always believed in Twitch and would’ve liked to keep on streaming there, but they are heading in the wrong direction. Twitch has built an empire on our backs and now dares to spit in our faces by not only not providing us with financial security anymore, but also with its inconsistent policies, cutting our wages which they are not entitled to. Twitch claims to be one of the strongest performing streaming platforms ever, citing the highest ratings, sponsorships and profitability in the history; but despite their claims, streamers are seeing their pays being cut time after time.

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