The best upcoming pokies launching in 2022

The best upcoming pokies launching in 2022

If you thought 2021 was a great year for games, get prepared to be dazzled by some hot new pokies from some the best suppliers in the world. The first one is a globally known brand while the other two consist of sequels to beloved slot machines that took the world by storm. However you wish to put it, these slots will definitely rock your world in the near future!

Narcos Mexico

Hold on to your tequila, it´s time to take a trip to the grimy and drug infested world of narcotic crime lords. Set in the same timeline as the TV-show that gained popularity on Netflix, Narcos Mexico takes the player to an unforgettable trip with warring factions, high profile drug kingpins, and violent backdrops riddled with bullet holes.

The creator Red Tiger has announced that the max win is set to 10,486 times your stake, which is higher than before, even though the bet range is quite low from 0,1 to 10 NZD. The reason for this is mainly because the brand is well known, which is very common in the gambling industry. However, the potential is clearly much higher than in the first game from NetEnt, even if the sequel is catered towards casual players just like before.

Expect a similar look and vibe, but also some exotic and cartoonish character portrayals of some of the most notorious drug lords in the world. This time the game also includes features like Win Exchange where you can exchange wins over 100 times your stake into free spins. You can also gamble for the chance when you win less, while the bonus game presents you with multipliers that can increase in value – from x1 all the way to x5. The game is available from March 24 and onwards on almost every online casino in the world.

Nitropolis 3

The mutated cats, rats and dogs are back! In Nitropolis 3 you are greeted with a dystopic urban environment in a post-nuclear world where all the main characters are animals. Sounds pretty weird, huh? Well, it gets even weirder when you get into it.

ELK Studios has had a lot of success with their Nitropolis series, and the newest version just got released a couple of days ago. This game sports a hefty max win potential of 50,000 times your stake, but also several ways to pay for bonus games thanks to X-iter. Other noteworthy details include a bet range from 0,2 up to 50 NZD, modifiers that can activate wins both ways – or even replace normal symbols with Wilds.

The most attractive functionality is probably the X-iter button that gives you the option of paying for double the chance of triggering the bonus game, guaranteed wins, or access to the Super Free Spins bonus game. Naturally you can also trigger free spins organically with the help of Scatter symbols if you don’t want to pay extra. Nitropolis 3 is out right now, as long as the casino you prefer offers titles from ELK.

Sakura Fortune II

During the month of April it´s time for the cherry blossom trees to bloom once again. One of the most beloved sequels to date is upon us, and it´s no other than Sakura herself that takes center stage in this new and upgraded stunner.

Some of the positives are that the game is visually stunning with excellent music and sound effects in the background. Another one concerns the updated win potential, large range of bets, and a brand new buy feature that consists of three different choices. The max win you can reach in the second game with Japanese princess Sakura can reach up to 19,000 your stake, and you also have the option for bets from 0,20 all the way  up to 100 NZD per spin.

Quickspin has not bothered with completely revolutionizing the genre, but instead chosen to offer a more interesting choice for the experienced gambler. The improved look is one thing, but the game has been completely revamped in the background. You now have 576 ways to win, instead of 40 as before.

The cherry on top is the extra amount of free spins you have access to. The original game could only award 5 of them, while Sakura Fortune II can start the bonus round with 11 in total. We also have to mention the two locked Wilds that exponentially increase the chance of wins even further. Sakura Fortune II releases the 12th of April 2022, if the online casino you are visiting has a deal with Quickspin.