Auckland University: 6% Adult Population Has Gambling Problem

Auckland University: 6% Adult Population Has Gambling Problem

According to a study by the Auckland University of Technology, 5,8% of the global adult population suffers from problem gambling whilst very few Kiwis seek help. Dr. Simone Rodda of Auckland University of Technology co-authored a new study that analysed the results of other relevant studies that focus on understanding gambling disorders and how accessible specialised treatment services are. 

According to the conclusions, for most problem gamblers it is very unlikely they will have access to adequate help. Only one in 400 adults that considered themselves problem gamblers in New Zealand seek help for their behaviour.

The low percentages of people in New Zealand seeking help based on estimates, nonetheless Dr. Rodda believes that “we can do a lot more to ensure that gamblers actually get help when they need it the most”. This requires tools and government action.

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Few People Seek For Help

Only one in 400 adults in New Zealand seeks help for problem gambling Dr. Rodda’s research revealed, stressing that such services may remain beyond the reach of many gamblers in the country. Speaking to Stuff, Dr Rodda said:

The low percentages of people in New Zealand actually seeking help are estimates, which means we can do a lot more to make sure that gamblers around the world actually get professional help when they need it. 

Dr. Simone Rodda, scientist at Auckland University of Technology

Based on her research, Dr. Rodda concludes that approximately 5,8% of the world’s adult population has a gambling problem, but only 0,2% seek help. People who deal with severe gambling problems are a lot more likely to seek help. The exact rate is identified at 1 to 5 compared to 1 to 25 for moderate problem gamblers, the study shows.

Online Tools Should Offer A Solution

Online tools are believed to be an effective way to combat gambling disorders. Dr. Rodda already cooperates with other researchers and the New Zealand Department of Health on several self-help tools to automate some of the process, helping more people get the resources to tackle their problem gambling behaviour. Dr. Rodda believes that online tools should play an important role in making sure that those who need help are effectively supported in their efforts to control their behaviour. By using these tools on time, Dr. Rodda said that global gambling problems can be greatly reduced.

A lot of licenced online casinos around the world let their players set limits within their own line accounts for, with the most relevant limits being maximum deposit limits, time limits, and loss limits. Some gaming authorities require their licensees to enable these tools in their settings by default. In New Zealand, currently only gambling at land based casinos is allowed. Online casinos are not regulated. However, Kiwis are allowed to visit gambling sites from abroad as long as the casino does not operate from New Zealand itself.

Call For Government Action

Virtually all online casinos recommended by CherryRedCasino give their players the opportunity to set their own limits and self-exclude themselves, either by contacting customer support or giving direct access to the tools in their accounts. Most casino websites in NZ do both. Every casino website listed on our site also offers a dedicated Responsible Gaming page with more detailed information. Customer support agents can also guide players that suffer gambling disorders to relevant institutions and organisations that can help them with their gambling problems, but as most online casinos are based in Europe they may not have access to the best sources relevant to the NZ market.

Rodda therefore calls for government action and approach to problem gambling based on strong evidence in terms of what people do to reduce their unhealthy relationship with (online) gambling. Dr Rodda noted that for many people who gamble compulsively, the first and most important step to recovery is to confess it to someone they trust.



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