Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes

7 / 10

For some people it might be difficult to choose between an online pokie or a good old board game, but what if you could do both? Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes is the second title in Reel Kingdom’s series inspired by the childhood favourite originated in India and brought to the rest of the world, including New Zealand. The base game of Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes is a standard 5-reel online pokie with 10 paylines, but if you trigger the bonus round, soon your piece will be crossing the board in search of the max prize.

  • ✅ Adequate Base RTP
  • ✅ Win Up To 5300x the Bet
  • ✅ Pragmatic Play Game Which Means It’s Widely Available
  • ✅ Base 96.08% RTP is Good Enough
  • ❌ Ranging RTP
  • ❌ Very Volatile
  • ❌ Very Similar To Snakes and Ladders Megadice

Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes Review

For some people it might be difficult to choose between an online pokie or a good old board game, but what if you could do both? Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes is the second title in Reel Kingdom’s series inspired by the childhood favourite originated in India and brought to the rest of the world, including New Zealand. The base game of Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes is a standard 5-reel online pokie with 10 paylines, but if you trigger the bonus round, soon your piece will be crossing the board in search of the max prize.

Nice to know

Launched21 November 2021
RTP96.71%, 95.67%, 94.62%
SoftwarePragmatic Play
FeaturesAdditional Free Spins, Additive symbol, Cash Collector, Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, Wild symbol
Grid Layout5-3
Min. bet/line$ 0.10
Max winx5300

Review Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes

With 5 monthly releases, Pragmatic Play is a highly productive provider when it comes to releasing new online pokies and Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes is not even expected to be their last launch of 2022. For this particular game it is true that Reel Kingdom was responsible for most of the creation and production, but it’s Pragmatic Play’s name that will be widely used to distribute this pokie. Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes might just be launched at the perfect moment as December is always the best month for board games.

How to Play

Pokie games and board games combine in this fun production which is why the gameplay of Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes is quite interesting. The base game itself is very straightforward. You have 5 reels and 3 rows in the bonus game so things can become a bit confusing for some players. Not only does the bonus game transform the grid into a large board, the gameplay also changes into that of a board game, coming with its own rules. No worries though as we’re glad to show you how the Snakes and Ladders Board Bonus game works. Here’s how to get started with this Pragmatic Play pokie game:

  • In the bottom left corner of your screen you’ll see the settings, info and sound buttons.
  • Settings include the stake adjustor and game history as well as other options such as a battery saver, quick spin, music, other sound effects, and the game intro.
  • The game info unfolds the paytable and rules. This is a crucial part to understand most pokies.
  • As you continue and move right, you will see your credits and stake. Make sure to set your bets according to your budget. You will do this with the plus and minus symbols.
  • Hit spin or press autoplay and get up to 1000 automatic spins. Be aware that you won’t be able to include your limits here. Please play responsibly.

Symbol Wins

If you’ve played the famous Snakes and Ladders board game, you’ll probably be familiar with this pokie straight away. In the bonus feature, as the game plays out, it’ll look like the board game in many ways. The reels in the base game take you to a waterfall in a green-purple and mountainous area. The game has ladders on either side of the reels and we would say that the graphics are definitely very pleasing to the eye.

The audio gives us a Caribbean fiesta vibe when the game loads, which is a bit different from what you’re used to. We do find that this works pretty well. Make sure to land the bonus feature and you’ll quickly notice that the audio is a lot more upbeat. On the reels, we come across the usual A-10 Royals which are the low values of the game. The high values include symbols such as snake baskets, snakes, bananas and gorillas. Out of these, the gorilla symbol is the most valuable one, paying 10, 25 or 50x your bet for combinations of 3, 4 or 5. The wild in this pokie game is a dice. The numbers on the dice determine the multiplier that will apply to the total win of that spin if it’s part of a winning combination. Here’s an overview showing the symbols you’ll find in this pokie game:

Symbol Payout for 3 Payout for 4 Payout for 5
10 0.5 1.5 5
J 0.5 1.5 5
Q 0.5 1.5 5
K 1.5 4 10
A 1.5 4 10
Snake Basket 3 7.5 15
Snake 5 10 20
Banana 5 10 20
Gorilla 10 25 50
Wild Substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus Scatter
Bonus Scatter 3+ activates Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus

Bonus Features

There is only one feature in Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes: the Snakes & Ladders feature. Fortunately, it is very extensive and lots of fun to play.

Snakes & Ladders feature

The basic game of Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes isn’t that interesting, we have to say. In the end, it’s all about the Snakes & Ladders feature which you can activate by spinning at least 3 scatter symbols. However, the more scatter symbols you spin, the more often you can throw the two dice during the Snakes & Ladders feature.

  • Spin 3 scatters for 12 rolls with the 2 dice.
  • Spin 4 scatters for 14 rolls with the 2 dice.
  • Spin 5 scatters for 16 rolls with the 2 dice.

It is even possible to win 2 extra throws. If you spin 4 or 5 scatters, 1 of the scatters can turn into a snake bonus symbol which can eventually award 2 extra throws. On the whole, the Snake & Ladder feature works exactly like the classic board game.

However, some extra rules have been added to this pokie game, which we will all discuss. The game board has dimensions of 12×12, which means that you have to cover 144 squares to reach the finish. If you succeed within the number of rolls won, you will receive a bonus prize worth no less than 1,000x your bet. Along the way you will come across quite a few special squares, which can have major consequences for the outcome of the feature:

  • Bet Multipliers: if you land on this space, the bet multiplier shown will be added to the total win (minimum x4, maximum x100).
  • Win Multiplier: the factor that the win multiplier shows is applied to the active state of the prize money collected up to that point.
  • Ladder: just like in the board game Snake & Ladders, you may climb a ladder. This moves the playing piece up to the top of the ladder.
  • Snake: similar to the Snake & Ladders board game, when you land on a snake, you will be moved down.
  • Banana: adds a number of random cash prizes to random spaces on the game board. It then removes all other bananas from the game board.
  • Rope Charmer: any square can come with a hidden rope charmer. If you manage to land on it, you’ll move to a random position higher on the grid.
  • Final position: landing in the 144th, and thus final position on the grid will award you 1,000x your total stake.

It is important to know that you can earn an extra roll by throwing the total of 2, so basically 1 with both dice. The Snakes & Ladder feature of Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes ends when you have no more throws left or when you manage to reach the last squares of the playing field. The total collected winnings are then paid out to the player. If you have won less than 20x your bet at the end of the Snakes & Ladder feature, the rage mode is activated. The pawn you are playing with then moves quickly around the entire game board, until square 144 is reached. Any bet multipliers and win multipliers it encounters along the way will be taken into account and applied to the total prize pool.

You can reactivate the Snakes & Ladders feature of Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes immediately after the feature has ended. Before you go back to the basic game, you will throw the 2 dice one last time. If you roll the same number with both dice, you can immediately play the Snakes & Ladders feature again. You then play the feature with the same number of rolls as you did the 1st time.

There is yet another way to retrigger the Snakes & Ladders feature from Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes. Every time you roll doubles during the feature, a quarter of the collection meter above the playing field is filled. If you manage to fill the entire collection meter during the feature, you are guaranteed to play the Snakes & Ladders again after it has ended.

Payout Metrics

If you turn out to be lucky, you can snatch the prize that is worth 5300x of your total bet, which is a reasonable winning potential. There are lots of online pokies that have a higher maximum payout, but as this is a production by Pragmatic Play, this will probably not surprise the online casino veterans amongst us. An RTP of 96.08% for the Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes pokie is pretty good, but we caution that it may be lower in some casinos as some operators may opt for the lower RTP versions of 95.08% and 94.08%. Please note that some wariness might be needed for the high and thus risky volatility.


We were actually hoping for some more changes in this Pragmatic Play follow-up to be honest, but Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes turned out to be quite the same as the original Snakes and Ladders Megadice. The retro graphics have been modernised, so this part may appeal to different types of players, at least from a graphical point of view. The gameplay is very close to what you’re used to in the original game, so in that sense it may be a bit hard to justify why Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom came up with this launch.

At the same time we have to say that Snakes and Ladders Snake Eyes comes with an entertaining bonus round, and it’s always a lot of fun to see how far you can go in this game. The wild collection system that offered a way into the board game has been replaced by a retrigger system, but other than that, no significant changes have been made to the board game modifiers. The 5300x potential hasn’t changed either, but the top 96.08% RTP is quite a bit lower than the 96.68% you get in the original. But hey, this is a Pragmatic Play production. They rock in lots of things, but their maths just aren’t the best.



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