The Cage

The Cage

8 / 10
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Unleash your fighting spirit and dominate The Cage pokie by Nolimit City, paving your way to become the ultimate champion. This thrilling online gambling experience boasts 7 reels and an impressive 5,184 winning possibilities. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you encounter cascading symbols and explosive Wild Knockout xBombs, which detonate in a cross pattern, amplifying your win multiplier and offering another chance to claim victory. In the electrifying Title Fight Free Spins feature, you’ll engage with 9 reels, unlocking payouts in both directions. Each defeated opponent grants you additional free spins for your subsequent encounters, accompanied by a unique modifier. If you conquer the fifth fight and emerge victorious against the formidable Little Dragon, you will solidify your status as the Greatest of All Time, while reaping the rewards of a staggering 25,000x your total bet. For the CherryRed NZ review, delve into our in-depth analysis of The Cage.

The Cage Review

Since its inception as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1993, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has skyrocketed in popularity. NoLimit City brings you an underground rendition of this intense sport in The Cage, where you will cross paths with five ruthless fighters: Jim “Big Fatty” Johnson, Kenny “Ironjaw” Shambles, Artie “One Glove Man” Jefferson, Grayson “The Constrictor” Royce, and the formidable Wai “Little Dragon” Le. The innovative gravity engine grid featured in NoLimit City’s Dead Canary makes a return, with symbols sliding down per cascade. Assisting you in every stage are the Wild Knockout xBomb and Roundabout Kick features, while the Title Fight Bonus Round revolves around defeating your adversaries using uppercut glove symbols. Each victory activates a booster modifier position, and all modifiers are active in the ultimate showdown against the champion, Little Dragon. Achieving the remarkable 25,000x potential is your key to triumph and earning the illustrious title of “The GOAT.”

Nice to know

Launched 20 June 2023
RTP 96.05%, 94.09%, 92.09%
Volatility High
Software Nolimit City
Features Avalanche, Cascading wins, Buy Feature, Feature: Random reward, Free Spins, Multiplier, Reelset Changing, Scatter symbols, Symbol Swap, Wild
Theme MMA
Paylines 5184
Grid Layout 3-4-3-4-3-4-3
Min. bet/line $ 0.20
Max win 25,000x
Jackpot N/A

Positive points

  • ✅ Slightly Above Average Base RTP
  • ✅ Win Up to 25,000x The Stake
  • ✅ Highly Original Game Theme

Negative points

  • ❌ Ranging RTP
  • ❌ High Volatility
  • ❌ Game With Graphical Violence

Review The Cage

Embark on a thrilling casino pokie adventure with The Cage, crafted by Nolimit City. Step into the octagon, where wild fights unfold, and prepare yourself for a whirlwind of roundhouse kicks, knockouts, and title bouts. The champion stands a chance to walk away with a colossal prize of up to 25,000x the initial bet. Similar to the captivating structure seen in Dead Canary xBomb, this game introduces a gravity-like mechanic, where winning symbols disappear and new ones slide down to fill the void. As expected from this highly appreciated casino game provider, The Cage delivers yet another feature-packed escapade, showcasing various bonus games that allow you to partake in a spectacular show. Now, it’s time to discover the remarkable attributes this game has in store.

How to Play

For those unfamiliar with titles by Nolimit City, we invite you to practise your skills by trying the free demo of The Cage, available on our CherryRed website. This free online demo offers a risk-free opportunity to explore the game mechanics at any time. To get started, here’s a brief overview of how to play The Cage:

  • Unlike conventional configurations, most Nolimit City pokies are known for their unique setups. In the case of The Cage pokie, the base game features a 7-reel layout with rows arranged as 3-4-3-4-3-4-3, providing an astonishing 5,184 ways to win.
  • During the exhilarating Title Fight free spins, the reels transform into a 3-3-3-2-2-2-3-3-3 setup, enabling payouts in both directions.
  • According to the game’s payout rules, winning combinations consist of 3 to 9 symbol sequences appearing from left to right. To calculate your payouts, simply multiply the value indicated in the symbol’s paytable by the number of ways it contributes to the win.
  • Whilst the maximum prize attainable is 25,000x your bet, it’s worth noting that The Cage has a relatively low win rate of 31.98%. Therefore, it is crucial to place your bets strategically, selecting an amount somewhere between $0.20 and $100.
  • To spin the reels, you can either use the Play button on your device or the Spacebar on your computer. Alternatively, The Cage pokie also offers an Autoplay feature, allowing you to set specific limits and play the game automatically until those limits are reached. We recommend setting your limits before starting the game.

Symbol Wins

Symbols play a crucial role in revealing your opponents within The Cage. The high-paying symbols represent the formidable fighters: Big Fatty, Ironjaw, One Glove Man, The Constrictor, and Little Dragon. On the other hand, the low value symbols consist of the standard 10-A card ranks. In the base game, achieving a 7-symbol match awards 1.5 to 2x the bet for the low value symbols and 2.25 to 3x the bet for the high-paying symbols. Triggering the free spins feature enlarges the grid to 9 reels, with a 9-symbol match granting 2.5-3x the bet for the low value symbols and 3.25-4x the bet for the high value symbols. Here’s a breakdown of the symbol rewards and their benefits:

Symbol Payout
10 3-9 pays 0.25 to 2.5x the stake
J 3-9 pays 0.25 to 2.5x the stake
Q 3-9 pays 0.25 to 2.5x the stake
K 3-9 pays 0.3 to 3x the stake
A 3-9 pays 0.3 to 3x the stake
Big Fatty 3-9 pays 0.5 to 3.25x the stake
Ironjaw 3-9 pays 0.6 to 3.25x the stake
One Glove Man 3-9 pays 0.75 to 3.5x the stake
Boa Constrictor 3-9 pays 1 to 3.75x the stake
Little Dragon 3-9 pays 1.25 to 4x the stake
Fist Wild Substitutes for paying symbols above
Wild Knockout xBomb Explodes symbols in cross pattern + increases multiplier
Title Fight Scatter 3 activates Title Fight Free Spins feature
Uppercut Delivers blows to opponents in free spins

Bonus Features

Experience the thrill of modern cage fighting in The Cage pokie, a game that adheres to a substantial number of regulations, just like the sport it draws inspiration from. The Cage boasts an impressive array of features, including Wild Knockout xBombs, Roundhouse Kicks, Title Fight Freespins, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Wild Knockout xBombs

Wild Knockout xBombs are symbols that pack a punch. Acting as substitutes for all symbols except scatters, they bring explosive action to the game. When a Knockout symbol appears, it explodes symbols in a cross pattern, excluding scatters and other Knockout symbols. This explosion increases the win multiplier for the subsequent collapse by +1. Brace yourself as all Knockout symbols detonate before the next collapse, creating a chain reaction of excitement.

Roundhouse Kick

In the base game of The Cage, the Roundhouse Kick feature delivers a powerful blow. When 3, 4, 5, or 6 identical symbols align diagonally without forming a winning combination, the Roundhouse Kick is triggered. The aligned symbols are swiftly removed, making way for 1 or more wild symbols to land in the centre positions of the alignment. The number of removed symbols determines the number of Wild Knockout xBombs awarded, ranging from 1 to 4. These explosive Wild Knockout xBombs further increase the win multiplier by +1 for the next collapse. Brace yourself as all other symbols explode, except for Knockout or scatter symbols, intensifying the action on the reels.

Title Fight Free Spins

The Cage takes on a Street Fighter 2 vibe with its Title Fight Free Spins feature. Scatter symbols can land anywhere on the reels, and when you land 3 of them, the Title Fight Freespins are triggered. Prepare for an intensified gameplay experience as the grid transforms into a 3-3-3-2-2-2-3-3-3 layout, offering even more opportunities to win. The real excitement lies in the four special title belt booster positions located in the middle of the reels. Although inactive in the first fight, these boosters progressively activate as you make your way through the fights. During the Title Fight Free Spins, wins pay both ways, maximising your winning potential.

Each fight within the Title Fight Free Spins requires you to defeat your opponent by landing enough blows. The Uppercut symbol plays a crucial role in this battle, deducting 1 hit point from your opponent when it lands. As you conquer each opponent, you are rewarded with additional free spins for the next fight. However, be prepared for the ultimate challenge in the fifth fight against Wai “Little Dragon” Le, who has unlimited hit points. Will you manage to rise to the occasion and become the Greatest of All Time? Achieving victory over the Little Dragon rewards you with an incredible payout of 25,000x your total bet.

Nolimit Bonus

For those seeking a shortcut to the action, The Cage offers the Nolimit Bonus. This feature allows players to bypass the training sessions by purchasing a fight. Choose from different options, including Big Fatty, One Glove Man, Little Dragon Title fight, or the Lucky Draw. Each option has its own cost in multiples of the bet, offering different maximum RTP rates. Select the one that suits your playing style and preferences.

  • Big Fatty:
    • 68x the bet:
    • RTP: 96.13%.
  • One Glove Man:
    • 198x the bet:
    • RTP 96.15%.
  • Little Dragon Title Fight:
    • 498x the bet:
    • RTP: 96.33%.
  • Lucky Draw will trigger one of those 3 Title Fights for 279x the bet:
    • RTP 96.27%.

Payout Metrics

The Cage offers a maximum return to player (RTP) rate of 96.05%, slightly surpassing the average RTP of 96% found in pokies. The base game contributes 64.32% to the RTP, whilst the bonus features account for 31.73%. Bear in mind that specific NZ online casinos may offer alternative RTP versions of 94.09% and 92.09%. Go to the Paytable to determine the RTP rate of your favourite casino game. Coming at a high variance, The Cage is labelled at a 8 out of 10 ranking, promising thrilling gameplay. On average, winning combinations occur every 3.12 spins, with a hit frequency rate of 31.98%. Triggering the free spins feature typically requires approximately 205 spins. The maximum payout in The Cage is an impressive 25,000x your bet, which occurs once every 36 million spins on average. Wins of 100x your total bet or higher are achieved approximately every 1,122 spins. It’s important to note that if your win reaches 25,000x your bet, the game round or feature will come to and end.


The Cage pokie by Nolimit City skillfully captures the essence of mixed martial arts and the rising popularity of the UFC. Meticulously designed, the game showcases five fighters, each with their own unique traits and personalities. Whilst Jim ‘Big Fatty’ Johnson might not fit the bill for the Gluttony pokie, the other fighters bring their own strengths to the ring.

Engaging gameplay awaits as Wild Knockout xBombs explode on the reels, Roundhouse Kicks unleash wilds, and Title Fight Free Spins take you on an exhilarating journey. While The Cage may not possess the largest win potential compared to other Nolimit City pokies, it certainly delivers a thrilling and action-packed adventure. With 25,000x your bet up for grabs, The Cage offers impressive rewards. While it may not claim the title of the Greatest of All Time among Nolimit City pokies, it undoubtedly stands out with its gritty and kick-ass action that will still leave a lot of Kiwis captivated.