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Hammerfall Slot is an exceptional title with the potential to thrill the pants off almost any gambler. Fans of the metal band and grid slot lovers up for something louder than usual will have their heads banging. Its volatility is more brutal than that of Twisted Sister, but it makes up for it with a higher winning potential of 30,000x the stake. This jackpot is quite high, let alone for a Play’n Go slot.

Hammerfall Slot Review

Play’n Go turns to the Swedish metal band Hammerfall to create an ear-splitting pokie of the same name. The game studio is great at providing a branded music range covering prominent and not quite well-known acts. Hammerfall is not as big as other names in the series, like Twisted Sister, but it still has what it takes to get punters in the mood for big wins. The band came together in the early ‘90s and has stuck around till today, with its key founding members, Oscar Dronjak and drummer Jesper, still intact. Big in Sweden, Hammerfall has yet to crack international success and often opens for other famous acts like Helloween and Sabaton – both of which have their own Play’n Go pokies.

Nice to know

Launched 6th May 2021
RTP 96.20%
Volatility High
Software Play’n Go
Features Wilds, Super Tiles, Lightning Wilds, Hammer Charge, Song Features, Hammer High, Destruction
Theme Hammerfall metal band
Paylines N/A
Grid Layout 7x7
Min. bet/line $0.20
Max win 30,000x the bet
Jackpot N/A

Positive points

  • ✅ Payouts can be as high as 30,000x the bet
  • ✅ Cascading wins charge the Hammer Meter that triggers up to 4 Song features
  • ✅ Non-winning rounds can trigger 4 Destruction features

Negative points

  • ❌ The RTP rate is variable and can drop to 94.2% depending on the casino
  • ❌ There are no free spins

Hammerfall Mayhem

Hammerfall slot game plays with the same 7×7 grid format as Twisted Sisters, paying when 5+ symbol clusters form. Backgrounding the playtable are rolling green hills, a grand castle, and dark, moody skies. Like its template inspiration, Gemix, the grid locations change as new worlds activate; there are three in total to explore. Each world also packs a lot of additional features alongside loads of the band’s hits like Twilight Princess, And Yet I Smile, and Second to None. Hector, Hammerfall’s knighted mascot, pops up from time to time, contributing to the chaos.

Gameplay Procedure

Playable on mobile and PC devices, Hammerfall accepts stakes from €0.20 to €100, catering to low and high rollers. The pokie plays with the classic Play’n Go control bar placed at the screen bottom. The process goes as follows:

  • Confirm the available funds in the ‘BALANCE’ section
  • Using the betting bar, select a wager value between €0.20 and €100
  • Spin the grid using the green button
  • Use the orange button for up to 100 autoplay spins

Hammerfall free and real money slots play using the same procedure except for the use of fun credits in the former. No skill is accommodated in both versions, and winnings are luck dependent.

Cluster Pays

Hammerfall Slot infuses metal into the paytable as well, featuring five low-value gems next to high paying moons, hammers, suns, and the mascot Hector. These symbols light up the grid when clusters of 5+ similar ones align horizontally or vertically, and they pay between 40x to 500x for 15+ clusters. The paytable tracks winnings according to the selected bet, and those of €100 are covered below:

Icon Winnings for
5 6 7 8 9 10+ 12+ 15+
Green gem 10 15 20 25 50 125 250 500
Purple gem 15 20 25 40 75 200 500 1,000
Blue gem 20 25 40 50 100 250 750 1,500
Yellow gem 25 40 50 75 150 300 1,000 2,000
Red gem 40 50 75 100 200 350 1,250 2,500
Moon 50 75 100 150 250 500 2,000 4,000
Hammers 75 100 150 200 350 750 2,500 5,000
Shield 125 200 250 400 500 1,250 5,000 12,500
Hector 250 375 500 750 1,250 3,750 12,500 50,000

Once a cluster is formed, the paying symbols are removed, and the rest cascade down. The tumbling feature continues until there are no more paying combos.

Bonus Features

Hammerfall online slot also pays with a stack of features just as charged up as the theme. They include;

  • Wilds

First up is the regular wild played by the Hammerfall band logo. It is of no value on its own but can replace other paytable icons to complete their winning combos. The pokie also features a lightning wild that appears later on.

  • Super Tiles

Hammerfall highlights several random positions during every round. These tiles transform into Lightning Wilds whenever they are part of a winning cluster. The paying icons are removed from the grid, and the new wild cascades onto the grid. Lightning wilds can have attached multipliers of up to 2x.

  • Hammer Charge

Filling the grid with paying cascades charges the Hammer Meter and leads to some of the slot’s finest moments. When the meter is fully charged with 25 winning symbols, it triggers the Song Feature pegged to the current world.

  • Song Features

Hammerfall Slot has three worlds, and each one has a unique Song Feature named after the band’s popular hits. Twilight Princess adds a 2×2 Mega Wild to the grid, Second to None changes all high-value icons into one high-value symbol, and And Yet I Smile removes all low-value characters from the grid.

  • Hammer High

This bonus triggers if the Hammer Meter overcharges with a further 25 symbols. Hammer High activates all three Song Features in succession.

  • Destruction

Non-winning spins can also be rewarding, thanks to four Destruction features named after Hammerfall songs. They play out as follows:

Destruction Bonus Contents
Never Forgive, Never Forget Every instance of a selected icon moves to the grid centre, destroying everything in their path
Bring It! All high-paying characters are selected. Some are destroyed, while others turn into matching high-value icons
One Against the World Every instance of a symbol is highlighted, and adjacent icons are changed to match them.
Chain of Command A chain links several icons, some of which are destroyed while others transform into the same character

Payout Metrics

Hammerfall Slot is a high volatile title, spotting an 8/10 ranking to match the reasonably modest paying potential. The RTP is variable and can be as high as 96.20%. However, it can drop to 94.2% or lower depending on the version.


Hammerfall Slot is certainly not a revolutionary release and sticks to the tried and tested formula of massive cluster wins that can unlock bigger and better bonuses. Nevertheless, it offers dependable gaming in a thrilling package and dials up its personality with a Hammerfall theme, injecting a heavy dose of individuality.