Top Trustly Casinos 2022 – NZ Casinos That Accept Trustly

Trustly redefines the simplicity and security of depositing and withdrawing in online casinos. It creates a secure gateway for punters to pay gambling dens directly from their bank account and eliminates unnecessary third parties, making it an attractive alternative to traditional card networks. Trustly connects thousands of banks and merchants in over 100 countries, making exploring international casinos a breeze for NZ players. The payment system streamlines the consumers’ experience with instant payments that do not need a separate registration or app from the bank in use. Trustly wraps up its convenience with 24/7 client care available through email, contact form, or phone support. Detailed FAQs are also available for different sections, like casino Pay N Play, deposits, and withdrawals.

💳 Trustly Review

Launched in 2008, Trustly is an online payment service that lets consumers transfer funds directly from account to account online without using traditional card networks. The Swedish company has ten offices across Europe, Australia, and the Americas with over 500 staff. Its 14+ years of operation have resulted in a payment evolution that connects over 6,000 banks globally and 8,000+ merchants, enjoying a consumer reach of over 525 million.

👍 How Trustly Works

Trustly works on open banking instant payment capabilities, leaping beyond the delays, insecurities, and high costs that create challenges with many other networks. This system is a secure way for players to permit players to authorize payments directly to and from their bank accounts. Trustly connects to multiple banks, meaning that users can potentially use it as a single point to view and manage their financial activity. It also allows casino operators to overlay services like budgeting tools that create real value for gamblers. Even with lots of possible overlay services that can be added to its customizable UX/UI, Trustly’s immediate purpose is to help punters make fast and simple payments to online casinos.

Security is also central to Trustly’s business model. The payment service implements the best practices to ensure that users’ information is protected. Some of the technical security controls in place include;

  • Access Control Lists that control system access and communication between the system’s network, and they are managed by pre-approved employees
  • Anti-malware is installed on end-user devices to cover employees within the organization and is centrally managed by authorized personnel
  • SSL/TSL encryption on all forms of communication between the organization and users
  • Firewalls used to implement Access Control Lists and inspect and control traffic between the system and the public internet
  • Logical Access Control in all systems and services, assessed and reviewed periodically to ensure access permissions are well allocated
  • Centralized logging based on a need-to-know principle and operated by a system that generates alerts based on preset criteria

These measures comply with the standards of multiple regulatory bodies, including BitSight, Qualys, TUV Saarland, and ISO 27001.

💻 Opening an Account with Trustly

Trustly facilitates transactions without requiring a separate app or registration from the user’s bank account. However, players must confirm personal information like the bank’s country and international bank account number. Like other open banking networks, Trustly automatically collects additional data like IP addresses, browser plug-ins, and operating systems. Such info personalizes the experience, like remembering one’s favourite bank account.

While consumers are spared from account registration, merchants (casino operators) are not. Integration portals for API (full platform integration) and module integrations (plug and play) are provided on the cashier channel’s website.

🪙 Depositing with Trustly

Trustly is supported by many casinos in New Zealand and globally. Choosing the best one requires checking several factors, including the operating licenses, player reviews, bonuses, security measures, privacy policies, and mobile compatibility. Also, ensure that the bank account being used is funded. Proceed with the procedure as follows:

  • Open an account in the selected casino – unless it is a Pay N Play casino, which combines the registration and initial deposit steps
  • Locate the cashier section, which can be under the ‘My Account’ tab or on the homepage
  • Choose ‘Deposit’, and then Trustly as the payment method to use
  • On the presented page, choose your bank and enter the amount to transfer
  • Verify the transaction and wait for it to be processed.

🧾 Withdrawing with Trustly

Withdrawals are carried out in the same cashier section once winnings have been accrued. After choosing Trustly as the payment method to cash out with, enter the amount to transfer, and wait for confirmation from the gambling den. The minimum and maximum limits vary depending on the gambling den and the bank used.

💲 Transaction Speeds with Trustly

Trustly processes deposits and withdrawals instantly. However, there are rare instances where there are delays of up to two days. This period can be longer if the transactions happen during the weekends or public holidays as dictated by the banks and merchants involved. Also, it is common for casinos to apply a pending period of up to 72 hours on withdrawals before they are released.

Request Processing Time
Deposit Instant
Withdrawal Instant

Applied Charges

Trustly ups its convenience by providing its services at no cost to consumers. Even so, players can expect fees from their banks and some casinos.


✔️ Upsides of Trustly

Trustly improves the experience for players and casino operators in several ways, including;

  • Punters only have to authenticate themselves once when initiating the payment service, and after that, they can easily pay directly from their account without entering bank card details or additional credentials during subsequent visits
  • Since Trustly is an open banking system, it allows funds to be transferred instantly
  • Using funds that are already in gamblers’ bank accounts instead of assuming credit makes the payment service a sustainable way to reduce consumer debt
  • Merchants can cut down payment costs applied to traditional card schemes, offering players more flexible fee structures
  • Better payment visibility and improved cash flow by moving funds in near real-time and providing instant payment rails
  • Reduces fraud and chargebacks by using players’ bank logins and multi-factor authentication to confirm their identity
  • Punters and casinos experience cross-border growth with Trustly’s support of multiple currencies and offering access to 6,000+ banks globally
  • 24/7 client care through phone, email, and contact form makes it possible to resolve issues as soon as they arise
  • The security of transactions is assured thanks to Trustly’s data encryption, SSL/TLS only communication, disaster recovery capabilities, and other key features

❌ Downsides of Trustly

Trustly is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the world, but there are several drawbacks to consider when using it, including;

  • While Trustly does not apply any costs, banks and casinos are left free to have charges of their own
  • Trustly cannot be used to hold money online and only acts as a gateway for funds from one bank account to another

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trustly?

Trustly is an online payment provider supporting bank-independent transaction services for customers to transact directly to and from their bank accounts faster, simpler, and securely. The platform is available to send and receive funds from merchants and consumers.

Can I use Trustly for deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, you can. Trustly makes real-time deposits from players’ bank accounts after being selected in the cashier section. The same goes for withdrawals.

How long do Trustly transactions take?

Deposits made using Trustly are usually completed instantly, but in some cases, they can take up to 2 business days to reflect in the respective casino. This period can be longer if transactions are made during weekends or public holidays. The same applies to withdrawals.

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is a Trustly payment system that combines the account creation and initial deposit steps in casinos. This merge supports the existence of the no-account gambling dens, increases conversion, ensures better ROI, and helps operators fulfil initial and subsequent KYC requirements.

How can I contact Trustly?

Trustly is reachable through email, which is recommended when you would like the client care team to investigate a transaction. A valid Proof of Payment is required alongside an explanation of the enquiry. It should contain the account holder’s name, date stamp, transacted amount, sending/receiving bank account number, and a reference number (typically ten digits). A contact form can also be used to explain an inquiry. Alternatively, you can speak to an agent through the listed phone numbers.

Is Trustly secure?

Yes, it is. Security is a significant pillar of Trustly’s services. The payment provider has several security features like end-to-end data encryption, credentials use as provided by the bank, GDPR-compliant retention periods, EU-based hosting, and SSL/TLS-only communication.

Final Remarks on Trustly

With many years of experience, innovation, and ambition, Trustly has much to be proud of. The world is evolving at a breakneck speed, and Trustly is not only keeping up but also setting trends for other payment providers to follow suit. Security is a constant for most consumers, and this cashier channel serves as a solution to bypass traditional networks with direct account-to-account payments. This is accomplished with the best security practices, such as SSL/TLS encryption, anonymization, anti-malware, and access control lists. With over 6,000 connected banks and 8,000+ partnered merchants, NZ punters do not have to look too far to enjoy Trustly services.