Vip American Roulette

Play online roulette free for fun – Vip American Roulette

Doubtlessly, all truehearted admirers of top-notch games at least once in their lives tried such a remarkable and elegant game as classic roulette. It is a game so amazingly popular that even its title has become synonymous for a whole class of games based on the player’s luck. However, traditional roulette has a few flaws, the most vexing of which is the lack of mobile version available online. Luckily, the Vip American Roulette online game, which was released by Betsoft, is devoid of all flaws of the original version. Moreover, it combines only the most notable and remunerative features of classic roulette, which means that you can play online roulette free for fun, avoiding all possible exasperating troubles. Thereby, if you are eager to test your fortune in one of the best modifications of roulette games, then you are close to your goal.

Vip American Roulette: General description and extremely beneficial bets

The first notable feature of this roulette that attracts the attention of all players of online games, is its marvelous design. In fact, you can even confuse it with table roulette, so detailed and real it looks. In addition, it also can boast of a great soundtrack, simultaneously melodious and rhythmic. Surely, if you want to play online roulette free for fun then Vip American Roulette is a promising choice because it rewards you with the same pleasurable impressions as table roulette.

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This online game features thirty-eight numbers: a standard set of numbers from 1 to 36 and zero along with double zero. Thereby, by using the increased quantity of active numbers, you can significantly improve your personal winning coefficient when comparing with ordinary roulette games. As always, you can bet on colors, single numbers, neighboring symbols and columns. However, you can also split your bets by placing your chip on the line that separates neighboring numbers. If you win, you obtain a half of extra bonus. Furthermore, you can use the same gambling strategy with other groups of numbers: lines, which contain three neighboring symbols, and special groups that include a half-dozen of neighboring numbers.

Extra chances to win more valuable bonuses

In truth, a variety of gambling strategies that can be effectively used in Vip American Roulette is not limited by the previously mentioned examples. Obviously, if you want only to play online roulette free for fun, eschewing great risks, you can trigger the Free Mode in which you can use chips instead of real money bets. However, you can become incredibly rich by activating the Special Mode with real bets, which allows you to gather a large collection of diverse prizes and extremely remunerative bonuses. Therefore, with an eye to increasing your winning coefficient, you can bet on columns, special groups of numbers, which contain a dozen of neighboring symbols, or even bet on zero in order to receive an unbelievably great win while risking everything in one round. Thus, start your game and prepare for your future victories!