European Roulette

Play online roulette free for fun – European Roulette!

It is hardly imaginable to define a casino establishment as ‘worthy’, if it does not offer a blessed game of roulette. Moreover, decent online casinos have picked up a habit to offer a number of variegated roulettes, and the most common are French, European, and American (though the former is rarely included in the offer of many gaming houses).

Microgaming has released a lot of various roulettes, and here is the one that permits diehard gamblers to play online roulette free for fun without the tedious download procedure.

European Roulette: general game description

The European Roulette that we present to you is a virtual version of world-renowned roulette with classic instructions and without any suspicious innovations. Therefore, most old campaigners will not be surprised at all by the game’s nuances. Simultaneously, newly-baked gamblers are advised to get acquainted with the rules of the game and betting variations by reading up the in-game guidelines that come directly from Microgaming. Make sure to carefully ponder over the features of European Roulette.

On the game’s table, it is possible to perform all the usual internal and external bets (color bids, odd/even and column bets, bets on dozens as well as big/small numbers). Playing ‘for neighbors’, sectors, and with various rare finals or stakes is not accessible in European Roulette.

Most casinos will permit the player to set his or her bid from one to fifty bucks on a digit, and up to four hundred bucks on equal chances.

There are no Bonus games or Bonuses in European roulette – to be exact, to play online roulette free for fun means to play according to the golden standards. A progressive jackpot in European Roulette is likewise unavailable.

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European Roulette: game features and conclusion

Externally, European Roulette fully simulates a real roulette table, on the field of which the gambler can place bets using the mouse. Primarily, on the panes with controls, there are the following important buttons:

  • Spin – launches a new spin
  • Clear – removes all chips put on the field
  • Undo – cancels all the bids placed
  • Redo – repeats your previous choice with stakes
  • Help – opens the page with the game’s guidelines
  • Exit – allows you to quit the game

The total betting amount is demonstrated in the Bet window and the winning amount is demonstrated in the Win section. The game has a mini-window that shows a magnified sector, where the ball stops, and the sheet with the latest winning numbers. There are almost no custom preferences in European Roulette.

Undeniably, European Roulette is not the most remarkable or well-designed roulette in the array of games professionally developed by Microgaming. Looking at the range of products of this company, one can discover that there are models that have a more impressive appearance and a variety of peculiar options, as well. However, European Roulette is certainly a splendid choice for users who cannot but play online roulette free for fun in the flash mode or with slow internet connection. Try European Roulette if you seek big wins and not just some fancy graphics.