Super Fun 21

Play free blackjack online Super Fun 21 with odds in your favor!

If you are all enraptured by blackjack and always ready to embark on the examination of new and original variants for yourself, then you should pay attention to what is called Super Fun 21. That version of the imperishable classic game is one of the world-known and favorite creations of the company called Microgaming. With this game you will be able to experience what it means to scoop wins constantly and consistently. It is not like an ordinary blackjack, and you will love to discover what the game is ready to propose to the most true-hearted gamblers.

Both Super 21 and Super Fun 21 famously designed by Microgaming, offer the same extra payouts for certain hands and feature the same rules. The major difference (that is hugely significant since pairs, three of a kind, and other patterns earn you extra wins) is that Super Fun 21 uses only a single deck, while Super 21 uses eight decks. In our gambling house we enjoy better odds towards your achievement of a pattern-hand payout in Super Fun 21 with the single deck! Therefore, that version of the game is certainly more “fun” for you than for the casino and permits you to play free blackjack online incessantly.

Super Fun 21: major peculiarities

That is perhaps the best you can do for a mnemonic device to remember and keep the two straight. If Lady Fortune smiles upon you in these flavors of blackjack, she will shower you with golden coins and diamonds.

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    All-diamond blackjack provide payoffs as 2:1, whereas standard (‘coin’) blackjacks pay level money. Hands of 21 with five or six cards pay 2:1 as well, as long as you haven’t doubled previously. Non-doubled hands of six cards equaling less than 21 earn you an even payout.

That would seem a tempting reason to explore these games where they played with a deck stripped of Tens, but they are not, making it incredibly rare to reach a six-card hand. This should not be an obstacle for you to play free blackjack online, though!

Super Fun 21: gambling process

The instant you feel ready to play free blackjack online and for the distribution of cards, click on the ‘Deal’ button. Once the game starts, you and your dealer receive a card each, but your card will be opened, whilst the dealer’s piece will be hidden. Next thing up, choose ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’ when your decision regarding your current points is good and ready. A major particularity of this game is that you are allowed to give up at any time as well as doubling your bet and getting an extra card for any set of points. Try to feel all the charm of the game, which offers you not only the original rules, but also a good opportunity to stuff your pockets with crispy bucks. If you feel like making a good acquaintance with this kind of blackjack first, you can launch the demo mode of Super Fun 21.