Spanish 21 Blackjack

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Spanish 21 is the latest of superb blackjack cyborgs you can find online. First you may ask: What exactly makes this game ‘Spanish’? The game does not have any Latin roots at all, but is actually an American flavor. The title comes from the 48-card deck (a typical deck of 52 with the four 10s removed) featured in some Spanish card games.

The probability of drawing a 10-valued standard card from a Spanish deck is only 75 percent of what it is when playing with a “full” deck. If you notice a resemblance between this game and MatchPlay 21, it is not by mistake and you are not confused. The two games exploit the same deck and feature the same sorts of bonuses. If you enjoy to play free blackjack online with Triple 5s blackjack, you may also experience a sense of déjà vu. Spanish 21 offers bonuses and features some of those gimmick rules designed to lure in players bored with standard blackjack.

Spanish 21 Blackjack: valuable tips

You for sure will not be astounded to learn that Spanish 21 features these classic temptations: All ties at 21 go to the gambler with a variety of extra payouts for certain combinations of “Bonus 21” hands while blackjack pays 3:2. Due to this, your strategy when playing this variety of blackjack changes radically.

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  • In regular blackjack, hitting on 17 against an Ace would be considered a novice mistake. But if you calculate the odds, you will reveal that this seemingly unorthodox move actually increases your chances to win. Remember, you have a 25 percent less chance of drawing a 10 with the Spanish deck. This allows you to play free blackjack online with lower chances of busting.
  • Spanish 21 also proposes a bonus ‘match the dealer’ stake. This side wager, is separate from your main bet, pays off if either one or both of the gambler’s cards match those of your dealer. The payouts increase proportionally with the amount of decks used. This makes sense, since the more decks you’re playing with the less your chances of drawing equal hands. Played with six decks, a suited match (2♣, 2♣) pays 9:1, and a non-suited match (2♣, 2♠) pays 4:1. Played with eight decks, a typical non-suited match pays 3:1, and a traditional suited match pays 12:1.

Always beneficial gambling at our casino

Of course, the number of casinos and the way they constantly tweak their bonus payouts means you should look carefully to see what is at stake before counting on a specific payout. As you can witness, our casino proffers a game where your dealer stands on soft 17. This breaks the chances in your favor, as does the option of redoubling. Spanish 21 may also feature the double down rescue, an option to recall the doubled quota of your bet (before busting) and lose only your initial bet. You thus surrender the hand. Play free blackjack online and choose your game carefully before risking big money!