High Limit European Blackjack

High Limit European Blackjack – Play free blackjack online

High Limit European Blackjack created by Microgaming is a classic variation of the world-renowned game that allows for especially high stakes. It uses two typical decks of cards – fifty-two pieces each, excluding jokers. All cards are shuffled before the opening of each hand. Primarily, you can play free blackjack online in only one box with this masterpiece example of blackjack. Minimum/maximum allowable stakes ranges from 20$ to 1,000$.

The peculiarities of the game are as follows:

    – the Dealer receives one card, which they place face downwards.
    – the Dealer stops, having reached 17 points.
    – you can do a double only with ‘hard’ 9, 10 and 11 points.
    – after splitting there is no doubling.
    – splitting is permitted only with cards of one denomination (different card worth 10 points cannot be separated).
    – splitting is allowed only once.
    – it is possible to insure against Blackjack, provided the dealer has an open ace.
    – surrender is not provided by the instructions of the game.

Payments in High Limit European Blackjack are customary. Regular winning box pays 1: 1, whereas Blackjack – 3: 2 and Insurance – 2: 1.

How to Know and Use Blackjack Strategy

Using and sticking to the elementary strategy should be so clear that it needs no colorful illustration. Try to hit, stand, double, and make the other moves as the strategy cards suggest. Doing so, you will play free blackjack online with delight and enjoy the odds that make blackjack the tastiest bet in the house. If you fail to do this, you could be playing right into a thin air.

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  • Play Aggressively (especially, if you know your strengths and weaknesses). Playing aggressively and risking a solid hand against the dealer’s up-card may get you to your 20 percent (or higher) profit faster than if you had placed bets conservatively. There are rare times when many blackjack professionals throw basic strategy out the window and risk busting for a chance at winning big.
  • Keep Records. Do not believe the players who neglect keeping records; yet tell you that they are frequent winners. These players have their fears, you might think they possess little knowledge on how to play or that they are conversant upon losing a lot of bucks. Record keeping is the solitary way you can identify whether you are a winning player or not.
  • Have Patience. Patience is a virtue, as far as the saying goes. Try to remember that, whether winning or losing.

High Limit European Blackjack: Keep a Positive Attitude

Thinking positively may not turn you into an instant winner. However, if you manage to preserve your head, especially when you are losing, you will be able to concentrate and as a result, not make bad decisions with future hands. It may not seem very logical, but if you start to think undesirably, unfair things will happen to you. Think about it—if you go into the game supposing that you are going to lose, there is no point in even playing. Play free blackjack online and win with High Limit European Blackjack!