European Blackjack Gold

Come and play free blackjack online with European Blackjack Gold!

European Blackjack Gold that is provided by Microgaming is somewhat similar to the Multi-Hand Blackjack. They differ in that the former is traditionally played with two typical decks of 52 cards, while Multi-hand uses five decks. Play free blackjack online with the following particularities:

    – blackjack always beats any other hand, and your dealer stands always on a soft 17.
    – neither games use a hole card nor is surrender offered. Insurance is among offers and pays 2:1 if your dealer has blackjack.
    – players can split just once, and there are no limitations on splitting Aces.
    – doubling down can be performed on 9,10, and 11 on the primary two-card hand, although not after a split.

European Blackjack Gold: General Myths and Mistakes

As far as pride is concerned, blackjack players always have an excuse for most gruesome of their losses and a splendid secret for each triumphant winning. Let us consider the most widespread myths that inhabit the heads of gamblers:

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  • The object of the game is to reach 21 and not exceed it. Well, it has to be frankly said your primary goal is to beat the dealer, with no relation to getting close to 21. People often fail to recall that and fear that if they hit, they will very probably bust, so the gamblers just shy away. The truth is, your dealer does not even think about approaching 21. The dealer’s aim is just to beat the gambler. Contrariwise, players sometimes lose a hand by hitting when they really should stand.
  • Two hands are always better than one. Commonly, trying to play two hands against your dealer provides you with no benefit whatsoever. You might think that there are better chances of breaking even (for instance, winning with one hand while losing with the other) but in reality, you are trying to gamble as if for two players simultaneously. It may be enjoyable to play free blackjack online in this way, but your chances of getting better cards are not improved.
  • It all comes down to luck. Blackjack is stark different from craps, slots or roulette, and similarly to poker, it is a skill-based game. Surely, you should seek after streaks in a set of cards presented, and not just wave your hands and question the loyalty of Lady Fortune. Applying the basic strategy will certainly win for you in due course.

European Blackjack Gold: how to play

You can begin the game the instant you have determined the stake. After pressing the button ‘Deal’ you and your dealer will receive a card each. Based on how many points you score, you can carry on collecting cards by hitting the ‘Hit’ button, or stop by using the ‘Stand’ function for this purpose. Plunge into this version of everlasting classic blackjack and get your highest payoff. It is advisable to play free blackjack online a couple of times without betting, in view of which you can launch the demo option of the game.