Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

Play free blackjack online with peculiar rules

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold by Microgaming, also called Dealer Disclosure or Face-Up 21, lets you see both of your dealer’s cards, as the name indicates. Of course, the house changes other rules to offset the elimination of the hole card and sometimes enjoy better odds than in standard blackjack. Play free blackjack online and bear in mind that key changes comprise, but are not restricted to the following:

  • -all ties go to your dealer except blackjack;
  • -blackjack pays 1:1;
  • -no blackjack paid after splitting;
  • -no hitting for additional cards after doubling

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold: Work hard and win big

The very mention of ‘hard work’ strikes fear into the hearts of millions around the world. These people, should they decide to take a crack at blackjack, may buy the books and play some hands in free games, but they inevitably turn into the kind of sloppy player that rarely succeed at casinos. It may be that playing blackjack just does not mean that much to those gamblers. If you lose a few bucks, that is your entertainment budget, and you can move on to other things. However, if your goal is to win some serious amounts of greenbacks and really do some damage to the casino’s bank account, you cannot dread hard work and self-discipline. You have to be straightforward with yourself, with such decisions.

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If you dedicate yourself and hone your natural talent, you can do it, but being a professional player is not for everybody. It takes a ton of dedication and toilsome efforts. The good news? The people who usually work the hardest are those who adore what they are involved in, so if you admire the game, it will not seem like work to you at all!

Set out a block of time in hours to log on to our casino, and plan to play free blackjack online about three hands in the average minute. You should not be playing when you are hurried up or pressed for time. That is when you will hit those electronic blackjack games. As you are looking to exploit a standard deviation edge of only a minor percentage, you need to increase your volume of hands to make the cash add up. The old saying, “You have to be immersed in it to win it,” applies to blackjack, too!

Try out the Free Play mode in our blackjack

Since you are permitted to see both of your dealer’s cards, you will have a better idea of what card will come next—but not by much. This version of blackjack uses eight decks, so the software will account for that when calculating what strategy cards to generate (remember that online blackjack games get shuffled after every deal). You will find your moves for Double Exposure change to a significant extent, so if you are used to making your moves based on a single dealer up-card, break your old habits thoroughly and play free blackjack online before risking any money.