Game of Thrones

Play free slots, no deposit, no card details and no extra requirements with Game of Thrones

Obviously, the title of this online slot fully corresponds to its magnificent content. This distinguished game permits all players to visit legendary Westeros, enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the extra-class TV adaptation and even participate in the contest for the Iron Throne. Without a doubt, nowadays the percentage of people who are not familiar with the greatest fantasy hit of the last decade is extremely small. Thereby, it is obvious that all fans of the George Martin’s masterpiece will be truly happy to revisit his amazingly detailed, mortally dangerous and bewitchingly beautiful universe. Nevertheless, even those gamblers who are not zealous admirers of the original franchise must not ignore this classy game because in addition to a splendid fantasy-themed design, it features a highly beneficial payout system and a few bonus options. Thereby, leave behind all doubts and play free slots, no deposit, no card details and no other obstacles to your future wins!

Classy bonus features for all fortunate gamblers

This non-progressive slot was created by developers from Microgaming – a leading and trustworthy software manufacturer. It features five spinning reels, which is a common number in modern online slots, and fifteen paylines. All symbols, which decorate its reels and interface, are masterfully designed and richly ornate. The main symbols represent the emblems of the main ruling families of Westeros: Lannisters, Baratheons, Targaryens and Starks. Needless to say that this crackerjack slot also features a marvelous soundtrack, which makes the hearts of all fans beat faster in anticipation of exciting adventures. Thus, forget about all outmoded online slots and play free slots, no deposit, no card details, just pure fun!

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Of course, the path to power is never easy. You should always seek reliable allies and fight with the envious. This game reflects this principle by adding extra options that allow you to receive more costly prizes. Therefore, each time you collect two scatters, you can trigger one of four additional options that promise you different sets of prizes.

  • Baratheons bestow you eight additional spins and a 5-x multiplier.
  • If you choose Lannisters as your new allies you receive ten extra spins and a 4-x multiplier.
  • The noble House of Targaryen promises you a 2-x multiplier together with eighteen free spins.
  • Finally, the steadfast Starks are ready to reward you with a 3-x multiplier and ten additional free spins.

Special mini-games and a variety of bonuses

Furthermore, if you wish to find a shorter path to glory and wealth, avoiding alliances with such unreliable gentlefolks, you are free to activate the special ‘Gamble’ mini-round, which permits you to get more trophies by guessing the right color of the next card in the series. Four correct answers unlock several brilliantly directed cutscenes and bestow you extra prizes. Thereby, hurry and play free slots, no deposit, no card details, only conspiracies, battles and victories! A battle for the Iron Throne has begun and now you can take possession of it.